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Beware of The Eyes of March

I have always been a person who looks at events, history, and people and tries to make connections in order to gain insight into life and more importantly, myself. As I turn 45 I have been thinking about the significance of my birthday falling on the Ides of March. This was the day that Julius Caesar was stabbed by his good friend Brutus. In the Shakespeare play, Julius utters the words, “et tu Brute?” when he is stabbed- expressing his disbelief that someone whom he trusted so fully could betray him so profoundly. As much as we live our life comforted by the friends and family who share that life with us, one thing that I have come to realize is that although we go through life holding these people close to our hearts, we cannot let them dictate our thoughts or actions for fear of judgment or perception. Like Caesar, we never know the true thoughts or intentions of anyone other than ourselves. For this reason, we should live everyday of our lives trying to be better for ourselves, not others. When we can accomplish this, we are truly living our lives. #mybirthday #saturday #1969 #beware #IdesofMarch #juliuscaesar #ettuBrute #45takinselfies #beintheknow #dontbeabullybeabuddy #talklessdomore #dontgossip #kissyourmomma #askyourdaddyformoney #onlychildshit #love #smile #saythankyou

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