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White Wife of Black NFL Player and Great Britain Olympian is Suing NYC Investment firm for being har

Mrs Okoye NYC investment banker alleges that one of her white male co-worker told her: ‘I think it’s disgusting when white women go out with black guys.’ I usually don’t share about the racism that I deal with everyday because it’s my everyday- even in a city like NYC, but this story hit home for me. Here is a young married interracial couple from England who now live in the USA. Both of them were educated at the best school. What I’ve come to realize even as a black kid that grew up in the conservative Midwest with some of my best friends being white is that regardless of how much education or success you have, some people do not like blacks dating whites…STILL! For those who find it disgusting I understand your pain, it’s extremely hard to swallow something you have been taught is wrong as child and through society! For those who say, “they don’t see color” yes you do…don’t lie to yourself- unless you’re legally blind you see color! We all are different, it’s what makes us beautiful inside and out. If you don’t discriminate, do so by acknowledging our differences and then treating us all as equals. If you still believe things that were engrained in you for years, I can’t ask you to change your beliefs. However, I can remind you that kindness is universal and that by acting on what you may believe you are bullying innocent people. If you can be kind to all people despite your beliefs, you are truly being better and serving as an inspiration to others.

“Just A Thought” Sean L. James

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