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Sean James is a former college and professional athlete who has been able to utilize his experiences as an athlete to truly understand what young student athletes need to do in order to realize their full potential.  After ending his athletic career over 25 years ago, he has made a point of exploring multiple professional arenas.  Sean signed with Ford models in 1995 and has appeared in numerous product campaigns.   Since then, Sean has coupled the lessons he has taken as an athlete along with the those he has gained as a businessman with an MBA from George Washington University in order to solidify a successful career in wealth management and an important role in the world of philanthropy as founder of two distinct organizations developed to help and empower today’s youth.  These two programs continue to evolve in order to meet Sean’s widening vision of the ever-growing needs of our children. 


In 2007, Sean created Sean James Student Athletes (SJSA) as a means of providing youth with the opportunity to live out their dreams.  In 2011, Sean’s philanthropic work was recognized by Buick and the NCAA in their very first Human Highlight Reel that celebrates human achievement by shining a light on those student-athletes that continue to show leadership and dedication once they complete their academic programs and become active in their communities to have a positive influence on the lives of others.  In 2012, Sean founded Be In The Know About Bullying to provide education and mentorship to students in order to help them be leaders in their communities, and combat the bullying epidemic faced by our nation. Sean travels the country spreading awareness and educating students as well as adults on bullying, leadership and how to strive for and achieve your personal best in order to better help yourself while also helping others.  

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