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Several years ago, I mentored a 13 year-old 7th grade boy named Joseph Williams. Althought we came from completely different backgrounds, bringing Joseph into my world ended up changing both our lives and teaching us valuable lessoons. Thoughout our relationship I’ve witnessed Joseph mature from a young seventh grader, to the first college graduate in his family, to the successful young man that he is today.


My serving as the role model that Joseph never had before allowed him to realize his own talent and potential, and eventually he not only pursuedhis dreams but achieved them. In turn, Joseph taught me that every child deserves the opportunity to accomplish their dreams, no matter how big or small, and that sometimes, all that child needs is someone to believe in them.


I am grateful for the opportunity to have mentored young Joseph, and to this day I am touched to have been the one to inspire him to follow a successful path in life. Ultimately, it was Joseph who inspired me to pursue my dreams of creating a foundation where children can cultivate their talents and interests. It is from this inspiration that Find You Stride Bracelet was born.

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