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Many Americans Struggle To Speak English Correctly .


There are about 41,806 different languages spoken worldwide today....and although English is the only official language in this country, many Americans struggle to speak it correctly everyday. More and more often, I hear people using the phrase "ya know what I'm sayin?" as a way of speaking, instead of articulating their actual thought. Saying "ya know what I'm sayin..." because you don't take the time to put your whole thought together in your head or because you don't have the proper vocabulary to articulate your thought doesn't work- No bro, I don't know what you're saying! If we took as much pride in how we communicate as we do in how we dress, I think I'd know what a lot more people were saying? I want to clarify my original point. We all can find cause and opportunity to speak more casually, and use colloquialisms and slag- I am not speaking to these cases. I am speaking about those cases where people lack the education and vocabulary to speak properly when proper use of our language is called for. I stand for education, and making sure we all work to be our best possible selves. That was the purpose of this post... And not for nothing, but you might want to consider making your own page and thoughts public before jumping on a stranger's page and questioning their point of view. Ya know what I'm sayin..

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