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Ambition Vs. Ego

I spent my afternoon consuming knowledge from Mr. Harry Martin, 81 years young at the Harvard Club. Mr. Martin, a Harvard Lawyer, is the founder of Family Advisors, LLC- a consulting firm to wealthy families and their businesses. He spent 10 years as the CEO of Cargill Inc.- the largest family owned company in America. I'm proud to post this photo because having the opportunity to learn from others that do better than you is my motto! So many of us, both young and old don't value the wisdom of others and their kindness in allowing us to share that wisdom. Never undervalue anybody...and if you're smart enough, you will shut your mouth when someone in the room is wiser and smarter than you and is willing to give you advise free of charge.

Ambition vs. Ego Never have too much pride or let your ego get in the way of your ambition. When greatness is in front of you, ask for help or advice from them about something that they do better than you. Ego has defeated many men. Having the opportunity to learn from greatness and have someone share how they achieved something is priceless! Celebrate those who celebrate you and the ones who don't.

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