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Pride & Selfishness: A Recipe for Bulling?

Pride keeps us from dealing with truth. It distorts our vision. Pride causes you to view yourself as a victim. Your attitude becomes, "I was mistreated and misjudged, therefore, I am justified in my behavior".? Because you believe you're innocent, you hold back your forgiveness, and validate your bitterness, anger & resentment. Pride hardens your heart and dims the eyes of your understanding. Pride keeps you from the change of heart that will set you free. This form of bullying is done every single day by adults that don't receive what they want from you and then play the victim and bully you because of it. It's happened to me in my adult life on numerous occasions in relationships,with friends and with family.

Lebron James decided to leave the city that he called home -where he felt safe and had been celebrated since he was a teenager, but he wasn't able to give the city of Cleveland what they wanted, an NBA championship. When he decided to not renew his contract and sign to play with the Miami Heat the same city that loved him and celebrated him- crucified him. The fans burned his jersey and called him a quitter. The owner went as far as writing a letter to fans to reassure them that he would never betray them the way King James had. "I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE THAT THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS WILL WIN AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE THE SELF-TITLED FORMER 'KING' WINS ONE" You can take it to the bank. -Dan Gilbert

We as fans didn't care about what Lebron needed to do for himself we only cared about what he could do for us. Maybe he needed a change in his life that we couldn't care less about because it didn't benefit us. We were all selfish and hated him for leaving. After four years of him fulfilling his dreams with Miami Heat and winning back to back NBA titles, he came back home to Cleveland and promised us a championship and he delivered on his promise and now we all celebrate him again! Lebron James is a leader, a game changer and someone who cares about others more than he cares about his personal achievements. That being said, Lebron James was bullied!

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