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William H. Lewis An African American Pioneer Athlete, Lawyer, Politician

William H. Lewis Harvard Law School Grad... was an African-American pioneer in athletics, politics and law. He was the first African-American college football player, the first in the sport to be selected as an All-American, the first to be appointed as an Assistant United States Attorney, the first to become a member of the American Bar Association, and the first to serve as United States Assistant Attorney General. When he was appointed Assistant Attorney General in 1910. Just to think Mr. Lewis a son of two slaves was able to overcome the biggest obstacles any student athlete has ever face, and come out of it a attorney at one of the best university in the world. Be ambitious and make the best of your station work for you. Respect the game and know that Mr. Lewis open the door for every black athlete to ever play this game. The game brings people together in ways you would never know. "Just A Thought" SJ #pioneer #ncca #barriers #colorline #nfl #jackierobison #history #bebetter #beintheknow #sjsa #instagood #opportunity #persevere #harvard #education #smile #saythankyou

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