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"Perception" Pretty Boy is what I was called- Really?

That name created a huge insecurity for me growing up. My mind and my body were not built up for photo shoots and FB/Instagram likes. They afforded me a college education and the ability to run through and around linebackers on Friday Nights & Saturday Afternoons. I was bullied about the very things about myself that helped me excel. Some bullies look for your insecurities and use them to belittle you. Others see in you what they wish they had and tear you down because of their jealousy- which actually can create insecurities like it did for me. Either way, bullies bully because THEY are weak and it’s easier for them to tear down others than it is to make themselves better. Let’s teach our children not only how to be better, but how to channel their talents and gifts into possibilities and successes- even when others try to stand in their way. #tbt #perception #bebetter #dontbeabully #igotchaprettyboy #mommasaidknockyouout #hegetitfromhisdaddy #beintheknow #bekind #stopbullying #DontBeaDreamKiller

"Just A Thought”

Sean L. James

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